Prenatal Yoga : Single Session
Prenatal Yoga : Single Session
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About the Package

Prenatal yoga practice is designed to support the changes that happen in pregnancy. This class is a gentle way of keeping your body active focusing on the spine and hip health.

What You Will Learn :

  1. Graded asana practice suitable to the changing body and what is best for the baby
  2. Breathing practices and Pranayama
  3. Body relaxation and meditation to feel connected to your baby
  4. Health and Nutrition Tips 
Meet Your Creator, Shreya Yoga
360 Approach to Health: Online Yoga Classes and Health Coaching

I am a Health Coach & a Yoga Teacher. I teach Yogalates (Yoga + Pilates), Yoga Drills for Strength Building, Prenatal Yoga, Traditional Yoga. I cover all aspects of health including mental health.

For Lifestyle changes, motivation to get fit, nutrition consulting, reduce stress, I am your coach!

For more information. Visit my website.

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